Below is a list of all regional winners since the program started in 1980. The dates in italics and bold names, indicate national winners!


2019 Jan & Jony Roos, Brownsville

2018 Alex and Jordan McKay, Port Perry

2017 Dusty Zamecnik Frogmore

2016  Adrian and Jodi Roelands, Lambton Shores

2015  Mike and Amy Cronin, Bluevale

2014  Jason and Amanda O’Connell, Carleton Place

2013  Dana and Adam Thatcher, Rockwood

2012  Cory and Heidi VanGroningen, Cayuga

2011  Wes and Briar Weins, Niagara-On-The-Lake

2010  Steve and Lisa Cooper, Zephyr

2009  Jason and Christina Pyke, Wolfe Island

2008  Chris and Christy Hiemstra, Aylmer

2007  Harry and Leony Koelen, Paisley

2006  Don and Joanne Russell, Cobden

2005  Philip and Luanne Lynn, Lucan

2004  Paul and Dorien DeJong, Dundalk

2003  Scott and Gloria Paisley, Stouffville

2002  John and Eadie Steele, Norwood

2001  Glen and Sheila Burgess, Mildmay

2000  Ken and Gerri Rounds, Elmvale

1999  Dale and Marie Smith, Mount Hope

1998  Murray and Lynda Porteous, Townsend

1997  Brian and Peggy Murphy, Binbrook

1996  Martin and Olivia Streef, Princeton

1995  Doug and Joan Cranston, Ancaster

1994  Dave and Ruth Mitchell, Binbrook

1994  Michael and Gayle Whittamore, Markham

1993  James and Brend Burke, Kakebeka Falls

1993 John and Karen VanDorp, Woodstock

1993  Mark and Shawn Murphy, Alliston

1992  Les and Pauline Hillstrom, Bruce Mines

1991  David and Bonnie Loewith, Lynden

1991  Lloyd and Barbara Wicks, Bobcaygeon

1990  Brian and Joyce Belluz, Thunder Bay

1990  Dave and Ruth Mitchell, Binbrook

1990  Ted and Wilma Smith, Sunderland

1989  Dave and Wendy Brenn, Flamborough

1989  Donovan Smith, Blackstock

1988  Ralph and Jayne Dietrich, Mildmay

1988  John and Janet Parsons, Cache Bay

1987  Gord and Dianna Forth, Copetown

1987  Arnie and Marion Hakvoort, Finch

1986  Murray and Anne Ferguson, Jerseyville

1986  Jim and Margaret Glenn, Keene

1985  Bruce and Joanne Goodchild-Wood, Campbellville

1985  Owen and Shirley Legge, Spring Bay

1984  Mike and Diane O’Shea, Granton

1984  Ardiel and Linda Grieve, Stayner

1983  Bill and Joan Fletcher, Fisherville

1983  Lyle and Sharon Vanclief, Ameliasburg

1982  John and Margaret McDougall, Grassie

1982  Terry and Judy Gough, Barrie

1981  Mike and Saundra Maynard, Chatham

1981  Ross and Joyce Kennedy, Little Britian

1980  Neil and Shelly Allin, Orono