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2018 Regional Event Update

The OYF committee is happy to report that the changes for the 2018 Regional Event were a resounding success. The event was held in conjunction with Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock on September 11th. Here’s what took place:

  • An OYF luncheon with finalists, alumni, and sponsors was held at the Special Events Tent on September 11th at noon. Thank you to the numerous alumni that took the time to meet the new crop of finalists.
  • Finalists presentations will started at 1pm in the Special Events tent after the luncheon.  The portion of the event was open to all farm show attendees and we will need to add more seating for next year’s event. The winner was announced following the presentations.  Please check out the “Current Winner” page for more details.
  • A formal dinner took place at the Elm Hurst Inn in Ingersoll on Tuesday evening to celebrate our finalists. Again, thank you to the many alumni who welcomed the new finalists to the OYF family.
  • The OYF AGM took place Wednesday, September 12th at 9am at the Elm Hurst.  Due to the success of the holding the event at the new venue, it was decided to continue working with the Outdoor Farm Show next year.

2018 National Recognition Event

Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers National Event will be taking place November 27- December 2, 2018 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. You are invited to take part as we celebrate and network with Canada’s most progressive, young agricultural leaders! For more details and an amazing promo video, please visit and click on the Events page.

The 2018 OYF Committee

Co-Chairs – Jason and Christina Pyke

Vice Chairs – Mike and Amy Cronin

Secretary – Dana Thatcher

Past Chair – Cory Van Groningen

Treasurer – Steve Cooper

Website – John and Eadie Steele